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Student Competition

UNESCO Prize for Architecture

Projects for the 21st Century
Heidestrasse, Berlin-Mitte, Germany

International Competition for Students Berlin 2002
of the Union Internationale des Architectes (UIA)
under the patronage of the UNESCO

Occasion and Objectives
Every three years, the Union Internationale des Architectes (UIA) organises an international congress of architecture. From 22 to 26 July 2002 it will be holding its XXI World Congress of Architecture in Berlin, entitled "Resource Architecture" in co-operation with the Bund Deutscher Architekten BDA. Accompanying the congress, an international urban design ideas competition will be held to promote young talent in the field of architecture. The aim of the competition is to collect design ideas for redeveloping an inner-city area in Berlin-Mitte. The ideas submitted are to make a user-oriented and resource-saving contribution to the development of this important district over the next thirty years and define an architecture for the 21st century.

Urban, real estate and building development must meet the challenge of developments on an increasingly global scale by encouraging young people to enter architect's and planning offices, as well as construction, real-estate and finance companies and, in particular, by making optimal use of the latest information technologies and providing high-quality training.

Given the topics of the current architectural debate - i.e. the European city, the social city, New Urbanism, mobility, the service-and-science society - the question arises about the future direction and architectural language of our cities. The redevelopment project for a site at Heidestrasse in Berlin-Mitte is to set an example for the development, interconnecting and "meshing" of inner-city wastelands.

The competition results are to provide ideas and perspectives that indicate potential developments. The competition site in the very heart of the city, at the interface between the formerly separate eastern and western halves of Berlin, still symbolises the ruptures in the city's urban growth in the course of its history. The main objective is therefore to find solutions which will connect this inner-city redevelopment site with the existing urban fabric and build "bridges" between the existing urban areas. The redevelopment plan must therefore take into account the surroundings.

This special location is to be given a new identity as a high-quality architectural showpiece for the city centre.

The major prize to be awarded by the jury is the UNESCO Prize for Architecture (7 000 $US).

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