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Students Workshop
Project workshops for students of architecture

In the run-up to the XXI World Congress of Architecture, project workshops for students from Europe and all over the world will be staged in co-operation with Deutsche Post Bauen GmbH and the German Economic Society in the Confederation of German Industry (BDI). Issues affecting the future direction and architectural language of cities will be discussed and possible paths mapped out in the form of joint designs. The workshops will continue on into the following semester when the designs will be worked out in detail.

March and April 2002
Design Workshop
»Post Office Sites«

The student design workshops will be held at various locations in Germany. The students will be required to focus on a specific problem at a specific Post Office location in the respective city. The sites to be worked on will be made available from those in possession of Deutsche Post Bauen GmbH. The one-week project workshop will receive ongoing support during the summer semester 2002 in the form of co-operation with selected universities. The results of the workshop will be presented during the World Congress of Architecture.

21 to 27 July 2002
Workshop »City-Working-Living ľ Milieus of the Future«
The workshop is being staged by the German Economic Society in the Confederation of German Industry (BDI) in co-operation with six universities. The congress will provide the theoretical foundation for the student project workshop. The students will face two tasks, which they can go into in greater depth during the winter semester 2002/ 2003. The first of these tasks concerns the Saarland and its transition from an industrial to a cultural region and the second task involves Leipzig, a »perforated« and shrinking city. The universities will be invited to participate and no applications will be accepted from individuals. The progress of the project can be followed by visiting www.vision-stadt21.de. The results will be published in the form of an exhibition and catalogue in summer and autumn 2003.

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