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The Theme: Resource Architecture
For the first time in its history, the World Congress of Architecture, in conjunction with the UIA General Assembly, is taking place in Germany in the year 2002. This Congress, whose general theme is "Resource Architecture", is organised by the International Union of Architects UIA and the Association of German Architects BDA, the national UIA section of Germany.

The terms "resource" and "architecture" carry several meanings:

Architecture as the art of building and as a valuable resource
The revaluation of city centres and faceless suburbs
New construction in the urban context
The transformation and continuous development of city and society
The modernisation of old buildings and the preservation of historical monuments
Innovative building technologies to save natural resources
Cyclical economies in planning and building construction

To preserve what is valuable and to shape the future is the original task of the planning professions; this task will be crucially determined by the consequences of social change and the transformations in our globalised work environment.

Apart from natural resources, architecture is one of civilisation's most precious goods in an increasingly urbanised universe. Our built environment may be the product of technological, political, economic and socio-cultural processes; its physical qualities are the resource of our life. It is the great task of architecture in the 21st century to preserve and develop these resources.

Thus, developing strategies for sustainable building will be as important as the design of cities and rural space as places of housing and living. The preservation and modernisation of existing structures has to go together with the invention and continuous development of building forms that face present and future challenges.

These tasks can only be approached in an interdisciplinary framework; moreover, they imply higher standards for the training and continuing education of architects, whose professional image will undergo profound changes in the next years.


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